Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts (Book 3 of The Sign of Seven Trilogy)

Synopsis :

Years ago, after their blood brother ritual, Gage, Fox and Caleb emerged from the woods, each with a piece of bloodstone.  Now, it will become their weapon in the final fight against the demon they awakened.  

Shared nightmares, visions of blood and fire and random violence plague the long time friends and Quinn, Layla and Cybil, the women bound to them by fate.  None of them can ignore the fact that, this year, the demon has grown stronger - feeding off the terror it creates.  But now the three pieces of the bloodstone have been fused back together.  If only they could figure out how to use it.

A gambling man like Gage has no trouble betting on his crew to find a way.  And though he and Cybil share the gift of seeing the future, that's all they have in common.  Were they to take their flirtation to the next level, it would be on their own terms, not because Fate decreed it.  But Gage knows that a woman like Cybil - with her brains and strength and devastating beauty - can only bring him luck.  Whether it's good or bad has yet to be determined - and could mean the difference between absolute destruction or an end to the nightmare for Hawkins Hollow.

Finally, I completed the series.  By a stroke of good fortune, I was at the right place at the right time and managed to pick up this book at a flea market.  I have been on the look out for it at the library shelves which housed book #1 and book #2 but surprisingly no book #3.

As I have already known, The Pagan Stone focuses on the final couple in the series, Gage and Cybil.  While the other two couple are rather lovey dovey in their relationship, Gage and Cybil are rather hash in their treatment of each other.  Both refused to admit that they are attracted to one another.  Both have rather bad experiences of rejection as while Gage came from an abusive father after his mother died at childbirth, Cybil's dad took his own life, leaving Cybil with her sister.

My interest was to see how the story ends and it ended rather mildly.  I am sure if this was turned into a movie or series, the ending would be more dramatic especially the final battle at Pagan Stone but on paper, it was rather mediocre.

All in all, it is a rather nice series coming from queen of romance and suspense but I think I have enough of her series for now.  I still have one more series to go, i.e. The Garden Trilogy but after that I don't think I will be actively seeking out her work.

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