Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Hollow by Nora Roberts (Book 2 of the Sign of Seven Trilogy)

Synopsis :

For Fox, Caleb, Gage and other residents of Hawkins Hollow, the number seven portends doom - ever since, as boys, they freed a demon trapped for centuries when their blood spilled upon the Pagan Stone. 

Their innocent bonding ritual led to seven days of madness, every seven years.  But this year, they are better prepared, joined in their battle by three women who have come to the Hollow. Layla, Quinn and Cybil are somehow connected to the demon, just as the men are connected to the force that trapped it.  

Since that fateful day at the Pagan Stone, town lawyer Fox has been able to see into others' minds, a talent he shares with Layla.  He must earn her trust because their link will help fight the darkness that threatens to engulf the town.  But Layla is having trouble coming to terms with her new found ability - and with this intimate connection to Fox.  She knows that once she opens her mind, she'll have no defense against the desire that threatens to consume them both.

A the first book, Blood Brothers was more about Caleb and Quinn, I knew even before reading The Hollow that it's going to be about Fox and Layla.  The same way I know that for book three, The Pagan Stone, it's going to be about Gage and Cybil.  That's Nora Roberts signature.  She did that for The Circle Trilogy too.

Anyway, The Hollow continues with the fight between Fox, Caleb, Gage, Quinn, Layla and Cybil and the thousand year old evil the boys unleashed when they were ten years old.  They did a ritual at the end of book 1 and towards the end of book 2, they did another ritual at the Pagan Stone again.  I am guess there will be a 3rd ritual in the third book.  While the six of them has gotten stronger as demonstrated throughout the book, the demon which rules for seven days every seven years has gotten more powerful too.

I wasn't really into the romance between Fox and Layla.  I quite like both of them but can't really feel their chemistry nor really relate to their characters.  Overall, I'm just interested to see how the story ends.

I was so happy to find The Hollow on the shelf of my local library just when I went to return Blood Brothers.  I hope I have the same luck with the third book, The Pagan Stone.

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  1. Nora Robert is always a good choice. Maybe when BBWS I will stock up this author