Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts (Book 1 of the Sign of Seven Trilogy)

 Synopsis :

In the town of Howkins Hollow, it's called The Seven.

Every seven years, on the seventh day of the seventh month, strange things happen.  It began wihen three young boys - Caleb, Fox and Gage - went on a camping trip to the Pagan Stone.  Twenty-one years later, it will end in a showdown between evil and the boys who have became men - and the women who love them.

 If I had known that this was part of a trilogy, I might not borrow it from the library.  Reason being I don't like to read trilogy or series when there are no certainty that I would be able to complete the series.  If not because I picked it up in a hurry and missed out totally on the inscription on the front page that this is Book 1 of 3 books, I would have missed out on a rather awesome series.

Blood Brothers is the 1st book of the Sign of The Seven Trilogy by Nora Roberts.   The story started with an incident that happened in year 1652 in Howkins Hollow.  From there it went to modern day when three young boys who were born at the same, the same year and in the same town decided to take a field trip to Pagan Stone to celebrate their 10th birthday.  There, they unleashed something evil that has been trapped since 1652 and like they said, things are never the same ever since.

Following quite similar style of The Circle Trilogy, Sign of The Seven also features three guys - Caleb, Fox and Gage and three girls - Quinn, a paranormal writer, her friend Cybil and New Yorker Layla.  Similarly, each of the three books would focus on a couple as Nora neatly pairs them up.

In Blood Brothers, the focus's on Caleb, who runs the family bowling alley and Quinn who's in town to research on the strange happenings but finding herself drawn much deeper into the strange happenings as she has direct link to Howkins Hollow that she wasn't aware of.

I enjoy Blood Brothers more for the way the story develops.  I didn't really care much for the attraction that Caleb and Quinn have for each other.  I quite expected it and thought it was rather draggy at times and do wish for more of the core of what The Seven is all about.

Book two is entitled The Hollow and book three is Pagan Stone.  I will have to visit the library to see if they're available.

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