Friday, May 31, 2013

Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes

Synopsis :

Bergdorf Blondes are a thing, you know, a New York craze.  Absolutely everyone wants to be one, but it's tres difficult.  You wouldn't believe the dedication it takes to be a gorgeous, flaxen-haired, dermatologically perfect New York girl with a life that's fabulous beyond belief.  Honestly, it requires a level of commitment compatible to, say, learning hebrew or quitting cigarettes.

Introducing moi : a champagne bubble of a girl about town, working at being a princess by day and by night on the prowl for that elusive, must-have accessory every girl simply demands - an impossibly rich fiance.

This is your typical, brainless read.  A fantastic book to chill an afternoon away and be transported to the world of rich, young New York girl about town.  You can both be envious and snigger at their life style and generally be amused and entertained in a zombiefied way.

There's this girl who's narrating the story but you don't get to know her name cos it's never being mentioned.  The whole books is almost all about her getting a PH (potential husband) and while she has a career she seems to spend most of her time sleeping and socialising and that to her takes a lot of effort and work!

Nothing great about the story. No complicating plot nor twist in the end.  Rather predictable but still not too bad and if you're waiting for the doctors or waiting for your flight or just generally bored out of your mind, you might find that Bergdorf Blondes will be there just for you! (snigger!)

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