Monday, July 16, 2018

My Visit to the Big Bad Wolf Sales July 2018

Early this month the princess and I made plans to drop by the BBW Sales one of the weekdays. 

However, it was a super busy work week for me that particular week and there are official dinners being planned for a few of the evenings and that particular evening was not spared.  I was very much conflicted as I am accountable and committed to work but at the same time, I am accountable and committed to a promise made.

AT the end if the day, I decided that I have been neglecting and not been spending much time with her for the past weeks and so I choose to keep to my promise.

Off we went after dinner to the much anticipated BBW Sales in Borneo 744.

It wasn't difficult to find with the help of Waze even though it's practically in the middle of no-where.  As the BBW sales is part of the Rainforest Fringe Festival, there were other events happening at the same venue but the night we went, the events were mostly over so it was rather quiet.  Everyone that were there were just there for the BBW Sales.

What's my experience?  Well, my expectation was high but reality was disappointing.  The hall was small (Popular Bookstores Sales was much bigger) and the selection miserable.

Maybe because we were there at on the final 4 days  (we went on Wed night and sales supposed to end on Sunday night), a lot of the books were sold out.

There was the Alex Riders series but we got the set from Bookalicous a few months ago.  There were odds and ends copies of various series  and quite a fair bit of box set but I wasn't into collecting box set so they did not appeal to me.

I know that BBW did say it's just a bite size but still, I wish they didn't bother as I felt they underestimate the readers here. I am not sure if these are leftovers or not from their KL Sales as I have never been to their KL Sales.

I felt like I have been promised a slice of cake and all I saw was just a bite and I didn't even bother to eat as it wasn't the flavor of my liking.

We went home empty handed but it was a priceless bonding time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How To Get to BBW Sales @ Borneo744

taken from BBW FB page

Futher to my post here, I do have people asking me how to get to Borneo744 for the Big Bad Wolf Sales.

Well, I don't know either as I have never been there either but here's a location map to guide you.

Remember, it starts on 7 July to 15 July. Opening Hour from 11 am to 10 pm.

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Weekend Getaway #2 2018

This is the second weekend getaway for the month and also for the year.

This time round, I will be getting away to the capital city to run a couple of much needed and urgent errands.

Like all trips out of city that requires flight, the minimum travel and waiting time from door to door (travel to airport, waiting in airport, flight, travel to end destination) is about 5 hours per way. And within these hours, I can actually squeeze in at least 3 hours of solid total devotion and dedication to my book (if I want to be serious about it).  Which is why it's a must to equip myself with a book whenever I travel.

I started with my packing just awhile ago and it was a pretty quick decision to bring along with me.....

....A Suggestion of Death by Marianne Wesson.  The book is not heavy and thus convenient for travel and for some reason, I have been dying (pun intended :) to read this for a while now.

I shall let you know how it is in time to come...

Friday, June 15, 2018

Salam Aidilfitri 2018

image from web. credit to the creator

Taking this opportunity to extend 

my warm and heartfelt wishes 

to those celebrating 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2018

Maaf zahir & batin

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Moscow Club by Joseph Finder

Synopsis :

1991. The Cold War is over. Yet a recording has been smuggled out of the Soviet Union by one of the few remaining moles in the Kremlin.
The CIA's foremost Soviet analyst believes the transcript is the most important piece of intelligence that has ever crossed his desk. It suggests that a cabal of Kremlin insiders are plotting a coup, to overturn the Soviet regime from the inside.
But before he can follow this trail to its end, he finds himself facing charges for a grisly murder he did not commit...
This is what I say :

This is the forth book written by Joseph Finder that finds it's way across my path.  This time round, it's in the form of an ebook.  This time round, the storyline is slightly different than usual.  

Moscow Club took readers on into the world of espionage and high level treason and assassination and plots and cold war and such.  To me, it was rather confusing with the Russian names to keep track of which is totally foreign to me.  

However, it's pretty thrilling and there's a revelation towards the end of the story that I didn't see coming somehow that makes the story worth my effort and time.

So, if you like espionage in the like of Forsyth, Follet, and such, you will like The Moscow Club.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Weekend Getaway #1 2018

Image from Image may subject to copyright. Credit to the photographer
I realised that I kinda like putting a hashtag in front of a number book purchase #1, hoping for book purchase #2 and so on.

In this case, it's weekend getaway #1 so you can be sure that I would sure love a weekend gataway #2 soon!

Anyway, we are experiencing a long weekend holiday with one festive celebration in the nation but as it's one festive that I do not celebrate, it was decided that we should spend it at a beach resort, about an hour from the city.

The above is an image of part of the resort.  45 minutes drive away form the city, it's perfect for a quick weekend gateaway and it's usually packed with families during the festive seasons.  So, if you are looking for an illicit weekend away, this is not to place to go! haha..

I can't wait to chill and bum by the beach, read a book or two and basically just relaxing. 

Hope it doesn't rain!