Friday, May 10, 2013

Where have all the readers gone?

Photo taken by Green Heights Mall Management

I took part in a flea market sales recently.  It was held in a mall that's located in a residential area away from the city.  There were not many vendors and I was the only one selling novels, books for children, readers digest, etc.   The rest of the vendors were selling household items, fashion accessories, clothes, action figures, etc.

The princess and I brought 80 books to be sold. These do not include the readers digest which I have about 50 copies or so.

While the sale for my novels wasn't very good, the sales for the princess's kiddy books went extremely well.  She managed to sell off books that she doesn't read anymore for RM2 to RM5 per copy.  As she really loves her stuff, the books are all in very good conditions. 

Over at my end, sales was very slow.  I sold off less than 15 books which is way less than my first sales.

I said good bye too Anansi Boys.  I also sold off A Time To Mend, Trouble the Water and a few other Christian novels that I brought there.  I am really glad someone else will get to read and enjoy these books rather than them being kept in a box in storage cos my shelf is just too full already.

If you are where I am at and would want to purchase these novels from me, drop me a comment and I'll get a list to you. 

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