Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fame (Firstborn Series) by Karen Kingsbury

The Firstborn Series was first introduced here.

I honestly do not know if I’ll do justice to this book by reviewing it as this point in time. At this moment in life, I don’t feel the book ‘speaking’ to me at all. I dont feel any connection unlike what I felt when reading the Redemption series.

Fame started with Dayne Matthews and the focus is very much on him throughout the book. The book is rather slow in every way possible. I hope that it doesn’t reflect the rest of the books in the series but more as an introductory into the series. I feel Karen Kingsbury is trying to build the readers up to what will take place (perhaps) in the other books but it’s a rather slow and sorry to say, boring build up.

Karen tried to angle the book on the lives of the rich and famous and how some of these lives are affected by overzealous fans and also paparazzi. For some reason, it didn’t come across as being real and I can’t relate to what she’s writing. Hey, I know why…I’m not rich and famous! Hahah…

There’s no sense of urgency when reading Fame. It was just a nice read. For me, it was nice to have a glimpse into the life of the Baxter’s after Elizabeth’s death. Karen wanted the readers to know that the children of John and Elizabeth are moving on and also coping with her death by supporting one another. However, it was sad to read that John has not really move on and is still much burdened by the secret that he and his wife has hidden from the rest of the family members.

The book also introduced Katy Hart, the director of Christian Kids Theater. Like Dayne, she didn’t really make much of an impact on me either. At this moment of writing, I still have a few chapters to go before the book ends. I believe Dayne and Katy would have a long way to go before they can become a couple (if they ever do become one). Anyway, I’m giving both of them a chance and look forward to the 2nd book entitled ‘Forgiven’ where I am sure they will play bigger parts and more impactful roles.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dorothy Koomson's collection

This is my Dorothy Koomson's collection.
I read My Best Fried's Girl a few years back and was hooked.
Currently, just started with The Cupid Effect.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne

The Righteous Men is the 1st of Sam Bourne's novels that I read. However, halfway through the book, I decided to read The Last Testament (also by Sam Bourne) instead, finished reading The Last Testament and then only continue with The Righteous Men. Dont ask me why, I can't explain it myself.

TRM follows New York Times rooker reporter, Will Monroe as he investigates the kidnapping of his wife, Beth. In his desperation to find her, Will finds himself embroils in a sinister plot that can spells the end of mankind. It was difficult for him to know who's his allies and who's the enemy as he finds a link between Beth's kidnapping and a series of muders that's taking place all over the world. What is more intriguing is that those who have been murdered all all classified as being 'righteous' in one way or another. Since is the plot of TRM.

So, what's my take? I didn't really like the novel but I dont dislike it either. Some review has rated Sam Bourne as the next Dan Brown. Unfortunately, I dont think that is the case. While I feel that Sam Bourne manages to tell a good story, he doesn't have that captivating writing as Dan Brown. For the fact that I can start this book and left it to complete another book is somthing that I can't do while reading Dan Brown's work. However, having said that, it was a good read. I find myself rooting for Will all the way through although I do get frustrated with him.

Would I recommend TRM to you? Probably, for a lazy afternoon with coffee or a relaxing evening with a glass of wine.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Daughters Of Isis by Joyce Tyldesley

I have been fascinated by all things ancient Egypt for as long as I remember. I loved reading about eras of the pharaohs, the gods of the Egyptians and River God by Wilbur Smith is one of my favourite books of all time but that’s for another day.

Thus, it’s quite automatic that when I came across Daughters of Isis – Women of Ancient Egypt in the store about 6 years ago, I bought it without a second thought although it's non-fiction. As you can see from it photo, I only got it for $15 (Ringgit). I started reading it soon after but sorry to say, up to today, I am only half way through the book. It’s not that the book is not interesting. It is. It’s fascinating to read about lives of these women in ancient Egypt and their views on status of women back then, to social etiquette to grooming and even on their take on religious life and death. Women played an important role in the structure of society even at that time.

Daughters of Isis was first published in 1994. My copy under Penguin Publication was the 2nd edition. The synopsis of the book says that Egypt was undoubtedly the best place to have been born a woman in the whole of the Ancient World. The Egyptian woman were independent in many ways and very influential especially those fortunate enough to be members of the royal harem as well as those who rose to rule Egypt as ‘female kings’.

Joyce Tyldesley is an authority in ancient Egypt. She is a British archaeologist and Egyptologist, academic, freelance writer and broadcaster and had written many books on ancient Egypt. I actually have another of her book with the title ‘Ramesses : Egypt’s Greatest Pharaoh’. I think the book is still somewhere in my house. Let me ‘dig it out’ *:)* (haha…bad pun)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Accused by Mark Gimenez (out April 2010)

I wrote to Mark Gimenez and he made my day with his reply :)

Sorry, it's not very clear. I'm still not good with all the cutting, pasting etc.

I cant wait for his new book - Accused. Like he said, the sequel to Colours of Law and he is bringing back my favourite Texan lawyer, Scott Fenney :) I must do a post on Colours of Law soon.

Anyway, after couple of google, I managed to get the synopsis for accused :

'Scott, it's Rebecca. I need you.' After years of silence, Texan lawyer Scott Fenney receives a devastating phone call from his ex-wife. She has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, Trey ? the man she left Scott for ? and is being held in a police cell. Now she is begging Scott to defend her. Scott is used to high-stakes cases, but this one is bigger than anything he has handled before. If Rebecca is found guilty, under Texan law she will be sentenced to death. He will have her blood on his hands. As he prepares to take the stand in the most dramatic courtroom appearance of his life, Scott is forced to question everything he believes to get to the truth ? to save the life of the ex-wife he still loves...

It's due to be out on 1st April 2010. The publisher is still Sphere andthe
ISBN is 9781847442758.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Perk by Mark Gimenez

This is the second book by Mark Gimenez that I am reading but it’s the 3rd book written by him. The first was called The Colours of Law and it was Mark Gimenez first book as well. It was fast paced, the interactions between the characters were alive and vibrant and it does remind me of what I used to read in a John Grisham book. And Mark Gimenez is being identified by The Times as ‘The Next Grisham’.

The Perk like Colours of Law, is more than just law book. It’s more a book exploring human relations and emotions and losing a loved one to death…losing a mother, losing a wife, losing a daughter and even a father’s lost of a son to hate. All these are set against a background of a seemingly perfect small town but we know there's no such thing as a perfect small town.

I will admit here that a few tears were shed in reading this story. As a mother, my heart ached for Luke and Maggie Hardin who lost their mum to cancer. As a wife, I ached for Beck Hardin as he misses his wife and for Aubrey as he tried to deal with the need to know what happened to his 16 year old daughter, who killed her and why was she dumped in the ditch.

JB (Beck’s father) is also an interest character, a winery who hates wine but loves the wine business. He brought much humour to the story and a much needed stability not just for Beck but for Luke and Maggie too.

The practice of law in the forefront of the story is well thought out and well written as well and wasn’t overly dry. Just when I thought that I've got the ending in a wrap, the author throws in a curve ball but nevertheless, I am happy with the ending.

Overall, I would recommend this book to those who like law drama with a human touch.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury

WV came down from KK for a training and brought with her....

The Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury!!! Unfortunately, it's one book short :( but thanks, WV for carrying them all the way from the ship to the plane and into my car!

Redemption series

Note : Firstborn is the sequel to the Redemption series which has 5 books. Firstborn is followed by the Sunrise series which I have 2 copies only. It's a set of 5.

It was such a enriching experience to read Redemption...from the 1st book, Redemption to the final book of Reunion. These are books that touches the soul.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Novels by Sam Bourne

The Righteous Men or The Last Testament.....which first?

Pearson & Penguin Warehouse Sales

The Preview Sales is on starting tomorrow, 1st October 2009. I'm only able to go for the sales next week. :(

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tersias by GP Taylor

This book was given to me and it sat in my bookshelf for about 2 years. A few times I picked it up and contemplated reading it but for some reason, it didn’t appeal to me. At one point, I even put it in a box with other books that I want to dispose off…… but for some reason, I put it back in the shelf.

It was early this year that I started to read it after having nothing interesting to read on hand. Surprising, it was quiet entertaining and I moved on from chapter to chapter and at the same time thanked my lucky star that I didn’t trash it. That feeling of thankfulness didn’t last long. Halfway through, I started to get bored with the book. I didn’t enjoy it, find it a pain to read and the characters were just plain boring! I didn’t really enjoy the storyline and from something that was quite promising, the story went downhill and all I want to do is to complete it for completing sake.

I have not read any books by GP Taylor. The jacket of the book claimed that this is the ‘eagerly anticipated thired novel from the bestselling author of Shadowmancer and Wormwood.

I think that if the earlier two books are anything like Tersias, I didn’t miss much. I also couldn’t understand why the book was titled ‘Tersias’ since he (the Tersias character) didn’t really play such a big role in the development of the plot. It just makes me think that either GP Taylor started off with intention of developing Tersias’s character into something bigger but he couldn’t get it done or Taylor just couldn’t be bothered to come up with a more interesting title.

Perhaps it's better off if I left this book in my 'to sell' box. If you do come across this book, sorry to say this but 'bin it'.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Playing James by Sarah Mason

I’m reading this book right now. From the title and from the cover, you can tell that it’s a lite chic/chick.

It’s actually the author’s first book as stated in the acknowledgement page. I googled Sarah Mason and found out that she has writing 3 books since this one. Playing James was first published in 2002.

Anyway, the sypnosis goes like this…Holly Closhannon, a budding reporter thought things couldn’t get worse than covering pet funerals. Then she assigned to be the crime reporter at Bristol Gazette where she works. As part of their PR exercise, the police department wanted her to shadow Detective James Sabine and to write a daily column, tackily called ‘The Real Dick Tracy’s Diary’ by her editor. Needless to say both did not hit off but I don’t a crystal ball to tell me that they will more than hit off at the end of the book.

Playing james is quite fun to read on a rainy afternoon or a boring day. The heroine is quirky but you find yourself warming up to her as she’s just full of life. The story opens with a call to the emergency room of the local hospital and the reason for the ‘emergency’ is just hilarious. The supporting characters are quite interesting too…best friend Lizzie, Robin from the police PR department among others.

The 3 other titles by Sarah Mason are The Party Season in 2003, High Society in 2004 and Sea Fever in 2007. I wont mind getting my hands on the other books.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pearson & Penguin Book - Warehouse Sales

The Pearson & Penguin Book
is back!

Date : 2nd - 11th October 2009

Time : 10.00 am - 7.00 pm

Address : Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Lot 2, Jalan 215, Off Jalam Templer
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor DE

Happy Shopping! See you there!