Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bookshelf Tour - First Tour

1st March 2012 is World Book Day. That's in a week's time.  It’s a day that has been set aside to promote reading, publishing and copy right. According to Wikipedia, the day was first celebrated in 1995. It’s a yearly event organized by UNESCO and was previously known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days.

In conjunction with World Book Day, I thought it would be a good time to open up my bookshelf and give you a tour. I should actually say bookshelves as I have about 3 shelves that I use to house my books.

Today, I will share with you one of the shelves. This is the shelf that’s in my living room or hall. It is also a display cabinet where I display souvenirs and other trinkets that the family collected as well as photo albums and receipe books and stuff.

It is also here that my Christian novels collections are being kept.

You can see, from left to right, they are :

Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury – I only have four books of the Firstborn Series. They are Fame, Forgiven, Found and Forever. The missing book is Family.  I really enjoy this series of Dyane Matthews and of the Baxter's Family

Sunset Series by Karen Kingsbury – Sunrise, Someday, Sunset. The missing book is Summer.  This continues from Firstborn.  So far, I haven't read Someday and Sunset yet.

The Promises She Kept by Erin Healy - I can't make up my mind about this book.  I have more questions than answers after reading this.

Dining with Joy by Rachel Hauck -  A cute book with a great message. Fun to read.

A Cowboy’s Touch by Denise Hunter - 1st book in the Big Sky Romance Series.

The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter - 2nd book in the Big Sky Romance Series

Sunset on Battery by Beth Webb Hart - A book with deep message. Be careful what you ask for. It might be more than what you can accept.

Sweet Sanctuary by Sheila Welsh - Another book with deep message. Find out what happens when you blame a child for something and how the blame attached itself to the child even when he/she grows up.

Trouble The Water by Nicole Seitz - I haven't read this book yet.

A Time to Mend by Gary Smalley and Sally John - I haven't read this book yet.

Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck - book 2 in the series.  I think book 3 is out already.  I also missed reading book 1. Not too bad, quite enjoyable.

The only set missing from this collection is the Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury which is currently with a friend.

You can also see a black ceramic bell which I bought from Jakarta, Indonesia.  The others were a ceramic castle and other trinkets collected over the years.

That is all for today :). I’ll share the rest of my shelves another time.  In the meantime, Happy World Book day to you.

So, how do you shelf your books?

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