Monday, February 13, 2012

Magnolia by Ginny Aiken

Synopsis :

Magnolia Bellamy is sick and tired of her reputation as one of ‘Bellamy’s Blossoms’ If only her parents hadn’t been so poetic in naming their three daughters, Maggie wouldn’t have to work so hard at proving herself. But prove herself she will! No matter what it takes, Maggie is determined to prevent contractor Clay Marlowe from cheating both the bank she represents and her client and friend, the charming elderly Miss Louella Ashworth.

Clay Marlowe finds the prospect of restoring the once-glorious Ashworth Mansion irresistible. Trouble is, he may have to eat the extra cost to bring the project in on budget.

Maggie and Clay – as different as two people can be – clash on everything from money to music. But along the way, each grudgingly begins to admire the other’s devotion to their common goal : leaving the past behind and pressing toward God’s plan for the future. But can their growing trust and love withstand a shocking revelation from Clay’s past?

This is the first book in the Bellamy’s Blossoms Series by Ginny Aiken. I don’t have copies of the rest of the series, but I am pretty sure they would be about the other sisters who made special appearance in this book.

Magnolia is not a likable character. She is rather hostile to Clay Marlowe. In chapter one she called Clay a carpetbagger and a Yankee and kept on referring him as such throughout the book. She has confidence issue and is rather judgemental of people. Clay, on the other hand is rather patient and a man of God and is especially patient in dealing with Magnolia although he has to ask for God’s grace most of the time!

The teaching of Christ is in evidence and if it’s been read by the right person at the right time, he/she might hear God’s words through this book.  With Christ in her life, Magnolia's life was subsequently changed, her outlook in life and attitude towards life changed as well and it was only then that she realised the greatest treasure she can ever had is right there with her.

The second book in this series is entitled Lark and the third is Camelia.  I don't have these other 2 titles.  The series is published by Tyndale House.  I purchased this copy from the ship Doulos a few years back.

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