Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Found (Firstborn Series) by Karen Kingsbury

Found is the third book in the Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury. First book is Fame and second book is Forgiven. You are advised to read the series chronologically to fully understand and appreciate the storyline. However, if you have just one book with you (any which one), you can still read it as by itself, the book is equally inspiring and the theme might just touch your heart and your soul.

I was excited to read Found after having enjoyed Forgiven extensively. Found focused very much on Dayne Matthews and on the Baxter family especially John Baxter and not so much on Katy Hart. It started with Dyne finding out some bad news from his Hollywood girlfriend, Kelly which jeopardizes his relationship with Katy. A tornado that swapped across Bloomington caused some tensed moment for the Baxter family as they are all gathered at John’s house for a reunion and the book ended with Dayne meeting John for the first time and with Dayne knowing what he really wants out of life and with the assurance of Christ in his life, he went back to Hollywood a different man.

It is a book demonstrating the miracle of an awesome God from the street evangelism in Mexico to the events after the tornado but the greatest miracle would be in God's grace for us.  A card that Dayne sent to Katy says it all ‘I once was lost but now am found’.

For Dayne, he found the lies that Hollywood bring with it and how destructive it can be but at the same time he found God and accepted Christ in his life and found the much sought after peace in the process. He found his birth father and he found his way home.

For John, he found the firstborn that he and Elizabeth has been looking for all their lives, he found the peace in knowing that God answered Elizabeth’s final prayer and she did meet up with her firstborn just a day before she died.

It was again a very slow read for me and I think that’s the way for me to approach Karen’s book. It’s more than just reading the story of these characters but the book is chocked full of lessons and teachings and even ways of reaching out to the lost and bringing people to Christ.

The next book is Family and it saddens me that I don’t have this book. My attempt to search for it online seems futile. At one point, I found it in Amazon but for some reason, Amazon said they don’t deliver to where I am! Anyway, will keep on trying. Now, I am undecided if I should just go ahead and read final book, Forever or should I wait.

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