Sunday, May 1, 2011

Forever (Firstborn Series) by Karen Kingsbury

That’s it.

I’ve read the final book in the Firstborn Series.  It all started with Fame, Forgiven, Found and now Forever. I miss reading book 3 which is Family as I wasn’t able to get hold of a copy. With all that I know of the Baxter from reading the Redemption Series and first 3 books of the Firstborn Series, I managed quite well with Forever even without Family.

Forever brings quite a lot of issue into a closure. It had a pretty dramatic start when Dayne Matthews was involved in a car accident while trying to run away from the paparazzi. He was badly injured and for a while, the doctors though he couldn’t make it. By God’s grace and miracle that he recovered but then he was emotionally hurt by Luke Baxter’s words to the tabloids. However, God is faithful in the end and shows that love is forever, family is forever, no matter what.

I love this book and happy for the storyline and for this season to be brought to an end so that we can move forward to a new and fresh season with new storyline and Forever did just that.

This book is also about what is forever and what is not. For Dayne, he found closure in the acceptance of his birth family. Ashley found acceptance and closure that her father needs to move on from their mother’s death. Luke found the brother that he had always wanted but never had and hadn’t knew how to deal with it when he had one.

I love the Firstborn Series and also glad for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this series. I can’t wait for Sunrise Series which I have just started.

God is forever and His love and his faithfulness is forever.

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