Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunrise (Book 1 of Sunrise Series) by Karen Kingsbury

Sunrise is the first book of the Sunrise Series by Karen Kingsbury. While Sunrise still charts the story of Dyane Matthew and Katy Hart as well as the lives of the Baxter family. However, Karen tries to steer away from the Baxter and give opportunity to other characters featured in her previous stories in Firstborn Series. In particularly, we can see that the focus shifted slightly to the Flanigans.

In this book you will read about the preparation and the wedding between Dyane Matthew and Katy Hart and especially Dyane’s determination to keep the wedding a secret after his disastrous encounter with the paparazzi in Firstborn Series. They certainly found their new beginning in Sunrise and you would love to read about their wedding which happens towards the end of the book.

John Baxter might be looking at a new beginning himself as his friendship with Elaine grow closer and his family acceptance of Elaine in his life. While he knows that he will always love Elizabeth but perhaps it’s time to experience a new beginning?

In the midst of all these renewed hope and celebration, Sunrise actually started with a tragedy. Cody Coleman almost die of alcohol poisoning in the home of Jim and Jenny Flanigan. From there, the truth that most of his football team (even the captain) of Coach Jim Flanigan have a drinking problem, gave readers a glimpse of the deadliness of teenage drinking and driving and how lives can be destroyed by such irresponsible act.

Through all these Bailey is also facing some issues of her own on BGR issues but this wasn't really explored and might only be highlighted in the books to come.

Sunrise of about new beginning and the love and faithfulness of God which is new every morning. If you have read and liked Redemption Series and Firstborn Series, you would embrace Sunrise Series with open arms. However, if you have not read the earlier series, you will be equally blessed by this book.

The second book is entitled Summer.  I don't have this book :( sad....

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