Friday, June 10, 2011

The Promises She Keeps by Erin Healy

Synopsis :

It's her destiny to die young. The man who loves her can’t live with that.

Promise is a talented young singer with a terminal illness, is counting on fame to keep her memory alive after she dies. Porta is an aging sorceress and art collector in search of immortality.

When Promise inexplicably survives a series of freak accidents, Porta believes that she may hold the key to eternal life.

Enter Chase, an autistic artist who falls in love with Promise and fascinates her with his mysterious visions and drawings.

Soon, all are plunged into a confrontation over the mystery and the cost of something even greater than eternal life...eternal love.

The Promises She Keeps starts with Chase who seems to be able to hear from his father who is presumed dead after missing in action in the war. Chase is autistic but draws beautiful trees which seems to capture the essence of a person’s longing (even strangers that he has not met).

Promise wants to live forever through her fame since she is dying but a few near death encounters left her very much alive and more energetic than before. Chase has a drawing of a tree for her too. He called hers the tree of life.

In the middle of it all is Porta who opens up an art gallery in town. Porta is connected to Chase and his sisters through their parents but this connection was not followed up.

There are quotes and reference made on the bible (especially by Chase) and I can see the symbolic references to the characters portrayed in the book to the book of life. Is Chase the sacrificial lamb? Does Promise represent everyone of us? Does Porta’s quest for immortality represent what the world is searching for? And the eternal love that Chase tells Promise, is that God’s eternal love for us? Chase goes around saying ‘I love you’ when he gave out one of his drawings. Is that Christ’s love for us when he sees the longings within us?

I have more questions than answers so I’m not sure if that’s what the author wants the reader to feel. I actually want to give this book more thoughts before I review it but I’m running out of time :) (laughing at myself as that’s what Promise felt) as I need to move on to other books.

Final verdict (at this point in time) – do read if you enjoys reading more into what a book is all about. Don’t read if you want a nice enjoyable story. I might update this post in future after I gave more thoughts to it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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