Friday, March 4, 2011

Glamour by Louise Bagshawe

Synopsis :

Texan honey Sally Lassiter, English rose Jane Morgan and shy Jordanian Helen Yanna are best friends at an exclusive girls’ school. They form a bond which, they swear, will never be broken....

The three girls grow up, becoming co-founders of the exclusive GLAMOUR chain – a runaway success the world over. They are fabulously wealthy, adored and blissfully happy. Or are they? For all is not as it seems. The GLAMOUR empire is on the verge of collapse and the three women are embroiled in a bitter feud. What went wrong? What has changed? And, in the final showdown between three powerful beauties, who will emerge as the queen of GLAMOUR?

This was read after this and this and if I’m to rank them in terms of preference, I would rank Glamour in between the other two books. I do enjoy this book if read from ‘lite chick’ perspective. This book is totally full of girl/woman power. However, I do find it difficult to believe that someone as young as 16 years old and with no business experience can know so much about running business and setting up business systems, etc. I also find it rather convenient that everything change for all 3 girls immediately after the night of Sally’s 16th birthday party.

I do enjoy the characters and their differences and they do remind me of people I know and have worked with... IMHO, Sally Lassiter is all heart, Jane Morgan has no heart and Helen Yanna has no bone but all of them have big egos. I do not wish to elaborate further. :)

Best read while on holiday as it doesn’t do much to your brain cells. I bought this book from a warehouse sales for about US$2.00.

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