Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Is My Shelter? By Neta Jackson

Synopsis :

Every woman needs a safe shelter.

The tables have turned and Gabby's estranged husband--who threw her out when she didn't live up to his image of a "corporate wife"--needs her in a way neither ever expected. He's begging for reconciliation, but Gabby has moved on, finding purpose and a future in the House of Hope. Not only has she found shelter for herself and her sons there, but she's able to help provide shelter for homeless moms and their kids.

And yet . . . there's a hole in her life. Is God leading Gabby down a new path and giving her something--and someone--new? Or is He redeeming what she thought was gone forever?

Reading Who Is My Shelter? is like reading someone’s diary or a letter or an email. It was written from first person's perspective and written in a rather passive manner. Initially, I thought it was a rather boring book and I didn’t like the main character, Gabby Fairbanks. However, as I continue on, I was caught up by her daily lives working in a woman’s shelter home and the on goings in House of Hope, a housing scheme for single mothers.

The more I read, I more I can imagine Gabby as a friend or a sister and I’m hearing an account of her life through her diary or an email from her! Perhaps the author can consider converting the story in such a format just to make it different?

I find Gabby as the main character very real - she is out of her comfort zone and she tries as best as she could. She had many issues, one of which involves praying openly in front of others (sounds familiar) and she is suspicious of people whom she just met. The author also made her very human by her worldly outlook on lives and even her interest and confusion on relationship with a man who doesn’t share the same faith as her.

Classified as a Christian literature, the message of forgiveness is quite apparent and that life is never perfect but quoting from the book, ‘God can use anything. Even the pains in our lives, to do something good’.

I was so engrossed with the storyline that I was surprised when I reach the last page. I actually didn't want the book to end!  This is the 4th book by Neta Jackson under her Yada Yada House of Hope Series and the first book by Neta Jackson that I ever read. It's published by Thomas Nelson on 1st March so it’s still very new. Go and get your copy now.

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