Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tuesday’s Child by Louise Bagshawe

As the say goes, Tuesday’s child is full of grace...

Well unfortunately, full of grace does not describe our Tuesday’s child, Linda Evans at all. In fact, she’s the exact opposite. Eternally clad in her Doc Martens (she buys one annually as she thinks it’s pointless to have too many shoes. Yikes!), she loves heavy metal music and computer games and shuns anything ‘girly’. In fact, she works as a computer game reviewer for magazine. She doesn’t put on makeup and keeps her long blonde hair in a scrunchie. Oh yes, and her best friend/mate is a guy, name’s Ollie and they shared a flat (or rather she rent a room in Ollie’s flat).

However, Lucy's world is about to change. She lost her job as the magazine was sold off by her boss, Ollie gets engaged and Lucy hates his fiancée. (psst : we all know that she’s secretly in love with him, dont' we?). Anyway, Ollie got her a new job as a receptionist in a real estate office and her new boss who is not just an American but a rich and handsome American wants her to dress up and act like a girly girl.

Lucy tries to turn herself into the kind of girl she thinks they want her to be - with hilarious and unexpected results.

I enjoyed reading this book so much. It was so much fun and I laughed so much. It is a chic lite but a chic lite with a difference as Lucy is not your typical chic lite girl. This is my first time reading Louise Bagshawe. I have another of her book that I bought recently so I am looking forward to reading that. I got this copy from the local library and returned it before I managed to take my standard photo of the book. The cover image here is taken from  You can read the first chapter of Tuesday's Child too.

So, if you’re in for a fun and relaxing read, Tuesday’s Child is for you. Grab a beer, settle down and enter the world of Tuesday’s Child. You won’t regret it.

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