Friday, March 11, 2011

The Inheritance of Beauty by Nicole Seitz

Synopsis :

Beauty, like truth, is enduring. But only one can set you free. Maggie Black came of age in the lush, fragrant low country of South Carolina--spending her days with her beloved brother and the boy she would grow up to marry. But when a stranger arrived one summer, Maggie couldn't imagine the evil he would bring with him. And though she escaped with her life, the ramifications of that fateful summer would alter all of their lives forever.

Now, some eighty years later, Maggie and her husband George are spending their remaining days in a nursing home, helpless as age slowly robs Maggie of her ability to communicate. When a mysterious package arrives, followed closely by a stranger whose identity haunts them, Maggie and George are hemmed in by a history they'd rather forget. As the truth reveals itself, George knows he must face the past and its lifetime of repercussions. It's the only way to free himself and his precious wife--if it's not too late.

I nearly pass up on the book! All I can say is - I am so glad I didn’t. It is an extremely enchanting story. Told from the view of the various main characters and flipping from current timeframe to the past, it was quite difficult to mentally lock the story in at first. However, once you have done that, it’s quite easy to follow the storyline. Maggie and George are so sweet together in their old age. They love each other for more than 80 years!

While I enjoy it on one hand, I question the title of choice as I don’t really see the connection between the storyline and the title. What is the inheritance of beauty? Love? Devotions? I just don’t feel the title accurately reflect the storyline. Something along what happen at the watering-hole might be more relevant...forgiveness, letting go, being set free?  Nevertheless, it’s a nice book with rather interesting twist towards the end.

I also love the cover. Very classic.  I read this book within one day courtesy of The publisher is Thomas Nelson which is slowing but surely becoming my favourite publisher!

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  1. The Inheritance of Beauty by Nicole Seitz is an enchanting tale of true love, growing loss, forgiveness and memories of long ago. Memories which stem from four childhood friends, two of whom are siblings, whose lives were forever changed by one man in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Ash and Magnolia Black, brother and sister grew up in the lush countrylands of 1929 Levy, South Carolina with their friend George Jacobs. Soon after, they were briefly joined by childhood genius Joe Stackhouse, a young boy not originally from Levy but whose short stay with his "magician father" turned the small but quaint town into a show of horrors for the four children.