Monday, March 7, 2011

Fade to Blue by Bill Moody

Synopsis :

Jazz pianist Evan Horne, settled into the San Francisco jazz scene, takes a gig in Los Angeles, where he's offered his most unusual job yet. Mega movie star Ryan Stiles hires Evan to teach him to look like he's playing piano for an upcoming film role. Evan stays at Stiles' lush Malibu home for the tutoring, but suddenly things go wrong with the arrogant, spoiled star. Stiles' adversarial relationship with the paparazzi explodes when a photographers is killed. Was it an accident or is Stiles himself a suspect? Evan wants out, but Stiles' manager dangles the opportunity for Evan to score the film if he stays. Stiles is cleared but when the film begins, another mysterious death occurs, and somebody is blackmailing the star. With help from his FBI girlfriend, Andie Lawrence, and Lt. Danny Cooper, Evan launches his own investigation to help clear Stiles. To further complicate things, Evan's old nemesis, serial killer Gillian Sims escapes from prison.

When I first start reading this I thought it was quite an awesome book even from chapter 1. For a first timer and a stranger to Bill Moody, Fade to Blue was chocked full of suspense right from the start – what’s the real reason behind Ryan’s interest in Evans? What was actually in the script to the new movie? These kept me guessing as I read. The suspense built up when the photographer went missing and then some bodies were found from there things get heated up. Unfortunately, the ending wasn’t what I expect it to be so - it was kind of let down. It went from an awesome book to an ending that was rather unexpected and was just ok. Even so, I enjoyed it and glad I managed to read it.

Fade to Blue will be published in April 2011 by Poisoned Pen Press. This is the third Evan Horne mystery. On another note, this is the 2nd digital book that I read from and it won’t be the last if they continue to represent books such as this! By the way, main character, Evans sure drink a lot of coffee. I was in chapter 13 when I realised that I should have count how many cups of coffee he had since chapter 1. So, for those of you intending to read this, do the count and let me know.

Now I feel like having a cuppa too!

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