Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sons of Fortune by Jeffery Archer

Synopsis :

In a hushed maternity ward, an infant dies, while twin brothers thrive. By morning, one mother is told that her only child is doing fine, while another learns one of her twins has died.

Twins separated at birth, Nathaniel Cartwright and Fletcher Davenport will be raised in different worlds, and both will thrive among the best and brightest of their generation. In an era of violent change, free love and blind ambition, Nat goes off to fight a war, while Fletcher enters the political arena. With each choice they make – in love and career, through tragedy and triumph – their lives mirror one another...until a high-profile murder case brings them together. Until a high-stakes political battle turns them into rivals. Until a decades-old secret is suddenly exposed...and two powerful men must confront the truth and its final consequence.

That was a very promising synopsis. When I first read it, immediately I knew I want to read this book. Having read lots of Jeffery Archer’s since way back to my school time, I have confident that this book will deliver – like the others had all these while. I was not disappointed.

The story started with the birth of these 2 boys and then to their formative years and goes straight into their young adult days and into the current scenario. It explores how they met and what they had in common as well as the differences. I can safely say (without giving away the storyline) that they were not aware that they are brothers until much later into the story.

Like most of the other novels by Jeffery Archer, there were elements of law and politics but it’s written in such a way that a political novice like myself would find it extremely to comprehend and to follow. I can’t help but favour one of the brothers as my favourite character but I won’t tell you which one as I am sure you would want to discover them yourself.

I paid full price for this book and enjoyed it so much that I look forward to reading it again in the future.

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