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The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles #1) by Rick Riordan

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1)


Since their mother's death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, her brother has traveled the world with their father, the brilliant Egyptologist, Dr. Julius Kane.

One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a "research experiment" at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.

Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them —Set— has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a dangerous journey across the globe - a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

I decided to read the Kane Chronicles after reading The Percy Jackson Series.  Like the Percy's series, this was read as an e-book which I downloaded onto my PC.

Written by the same author, the Kane Chronicles is about a team of brother and sister, Carter and Sadie who came from a long line of ancient pharaohs.  While Percy' series about the Greek gods, the Kane Chronicles about Egyptian gods and it exist under then same universe as Percy's as there was mentioned of the New York event when Percy's final battle to defend Olympus took place.  However, it seems that the gods stay clear of one another as it's confusing already as it is.

Reading The Red Pyramid wasn't was exciting as reading Percy Jackson.  The characters are not very engaging. Both Carter and Sadie did not even get along well with each other at the start of the book.  Other than that, they are accompanied by Best, god of cats and Zia, a magician.

There are three titles under this chronicles with The Red Pyramid being the first and The Throne of Fire, the second and The Serpent's Shadow being the last title.  While I do enjoy the Egyptian mythology as much as the Greek ones, I somehow don't really like the way the mythology plays out in Kane Chronicles.

Will I continue with this series, I am undecided.

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