Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy

Synopsis :

Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather have decided to create the best catering company in Dublin.  They have talent, premises - even a few contacts.  But not everyone is as pleased by the idea of 'Scarlet Feather' as they are.  Tom's parents wanted him to follow in the family business, and Cathy's mother-in-law believes Cathy should be at home.  

Yet neither Cathy's marriage, nor Tom's relationship with his girlfriend, are everything they appear to be, and Cathy and Tom are struggling to maintain their emotional ties amongst the catering triumphs and disasters of Scarlet Feather.

Right after the delightful Evening Class and the challenging Tara Road, I am finally reading the final book by Maeve Binchy that I have with me, Scarlet Feather.  This particular title is slightly different from the first two titles and while it was an enjoyable read, there was something missing but I can't really put my finger on the missing ingredients for  now.

Scarlet Feather is simply Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather, good friends and partners in catering business.  Cathey is married to Neil and Tom was dating the beatiful Marcella.  They are trying to grown their catering business with mixed support from friends and families - while some are encouraging, some are just waiting for them to fail.

I guess I can say that Scarlett Feather is rather charming in its way but it was rather slow and didn't really have a plot.  There are a couple of rich but abandoned kids from Neil's side of family that added interesting elements to an otherwise rather bland storyline.

I wont mind reading other titles by Maeve Binchy in future if I have an opportunity to do so but for now this is the last book that I have so it might be a while for that to happen as I won't be actively seeking out her titles.  However, if you happen to come across titles by this author, do give it a try.


  1. I have read some titles from this author. Quite good.

    Now am reading some YA type of books

    1. Hi. Thanks for the comment. What YA authors do you recommend?