Monday, December 13, 2010

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Books by Neil Gaiman - you either love them or you don’t. After a few titles from Stardust to American Gods to Coraline and Anansi Boys, I finally decided that I don’t really like what Neil Gaiman produces. His books are too bizarre for me.

I first knew of Neil Gaiman from the movie Stardust which was adapted from his novel with the same name. After watching the movie, I read the book and decided that I enjoyed the movie more than the book which says a lot as I normally never like much about movie intepreted from novels.  Next, I read an e-book on American Gods when a publishers offers it for free on-line for a limited period of time. Subsequently, I was presented with Anansi Boys and here we are.

Anansi Boys is about Charlie Nancy whose nickname was Fat Charlie for obvious reason and whose estranged father recently dropped dead on a karaoke stage. It was then that Fat Charlie found out that his father is actually Anansi, the trickster spider-god. Anansi is the spirit of rebellion, able to overturn the social order, create wealth out of thin air and even baffle the devil. With this knowledge, Fat Charlie’s world, as he knows it, turns upside down.

First, he found he had a brother whom he never knew about who has certain powers and then his future wife, Rosie fell in love with his brother, Spider, thinking that he’s Charlie and the he was framed by his boss on some white collar crime and with trips to the Caribbean and Charlie fell in love with another girl, things starts to get bizarre for Charlie and for me too!

After all the bizarreness, the ending was just ok. Perhaps I have higher expectations after being brought on a bizarre ride but it was just a-o-kay. By the way, how many times did I use bizarre? Real bizarre.

His other famous book Coraline was also adapted into a movie recently and no, I’m not in a hurry to watch it. It will probably be too bizarre for me.

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