Friday, January 20, 2012

Fear by Jeff Abbott

Synopsis :

‘I killed my best friend. I didn’t mean to, but I did. This is my story’.

Miles Kendrick is in a witness protection program, hiding from the mob and constantly haunted by his best friend’s death. With the aid of psychiatrist Allison Vance, Miles is trying to hold onto his sanity and to recall the events of that tragic night.

But when Allison is blown to pieces by a bomb planted in her office, Miles becomes caught up in a deadly conspiracy beyond his worst nightmares. Targeted by Dennis Groote, a deranged FBI agent, Miles must run for his life – and force himself to remember the terrible truth about the death of his best friend.

Fear is an ok book for a thriller. It’s not that great but quite enjoyable and readable although can be quite confusing as it moves very fast from beginning to the end.

Miles is likable as a character. A man haunted by his guilt and caught in something that he has no control over. Due to his guilt, he kept on seeing his best friend, Andy, admonishing him in everything that he does. After Allison’s death, he sees her too but he knew that these are all in his mind.

Dennis Groote is also a guilty man. He went through a family tragedy due to his work. For now, he has no control over the fate of the most important person in his life – his daughter, Amanda who is in medical care. He was relentless and desperate in his investigation, hoping that he would be set free from the guilt. Instead, his guilt multiplies as Amanda became a pawn in the ‘hunting game’.

An author with about a dozen titles under his name, Jeff Abbott has a new book entitled Adrenaline.  I might just go and get a copy.  He blogs at

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