Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflection - 2011

Year 2011 has been a busy and an interesting year.

I did a total of about 118 posts for this year.  Very little for some but quite a lot for me.  Quite a fair bit (about half?) of them were committed posts with deadlines for publications as these are new releases that publishers depend on for online publicity. It would also be interesting to note that half of the books I read this year were e-books.  I still very much prefer a printed version but I guess this shows that I am also open to other forms of publications. 

I also met a lot of interesting people through my blogging this year and even got to attend a seminar.  I look forward to learning from them as most of them are extremely experienced in this field which I am still very much a novice.

I enjoye the networking opportunities and events that I cover for this blogs and the plans to expand this is very much a reality through this new site and a revival of this old site.  While some might say blogging is history as they move on to other media platform such as twitter, etc, I would say, 'it's just the beginning'.

Happy New Year everyone :)  Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful 2012 ahead.

Let me end by sharing with you this wonderful song by Lincoln Brewster, the message of which I hold close to my heart.  God bless.

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