Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something New by Dianne Christner

Synopsis :

Dreams Aren’t Always Worth the Sacrifice

Lil Landis dreads a lifetime spent on the farm. . .instead she dreams of turning her flair for cooking into a successful career as head chef. There’s only one problem. Her Conservative Mennonite father would rather see her settle down as a wife and mother. As Lil struggles against expectation in pursuit of her goals, her once clear plan becomes muddled with hardship—from her guilt over leaving her depressed mother alone for a restaurant job to worry over her family’s failing farm. Then there’s Fletch. . . .

Fletch Stauffer’s good intentions toward an old friend backfire when his job providing veterinary service at the Landis farm becomes undercover work filming a documentary to expose animal cruelty. But as Fletch is drawn deeper into the deception, he finds himself falling for spunky Lil—and at odds with his dream.

Will determination cloud both Lil and Fletch’s thoughts until what matters most disappears? Or will their misguided goals open paths to something new?

I have mixed feelings reading this book. On one hand I was quite bored but on the other hand, I was quite interested in the whole Mennonite culture which is totally foreign to me. I don’t think I would like Lil as a friend in real life. I find her a bit one dimensional and very emotional and lets her emotion detects her action. However, I do appreciate her dreams of having a successful career and being independent from her family. I also don’t really like Fletch. I would be real impatient with him in real life. However, like the saying goes, walk a mile in their shoes and then you would understand them better. Instead of walking a mile in Lil and Fletch’s shoes (especially Fletch’s red shoes), I follow them as their love blossom admist much challenges both culturally and from the family.

This is not one of those hopelessly romantic love story but more of a practical love story, extremely clean and with a good dose of biblical verses but wasn’t too many that it’s overwhelming.

Something New is second book in the Plain City Bridesmaid Series by Dianne Christner, with the first book being Something Old which focus on Kathy (a good friend of Lil) and I guess the third book would be about the other friend, Megan. The title for the third book? Something Blue?

Something New is due for release on 1st February 2012 by Barbour Publishing Inc. I review this for

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