Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich

Synopsis :

Mistake 1 - Dickie Orr – Stephanie was married to him for about 15 mins before she caught him cheating on her with her arch-nemesis, Joyce Barnhardt. Another 15 mins after that Stephanie filed for divorce, hoping never to see either one of them again.

Mistake 2 – Doing favours for super-bounty hunter Carlos Manosa aka Ranger. Ranger needs her to meet with Dickie and find out if he’s doing something shady. Turns out, he could be. Turns out, he’s also back with Joyce Barnhardt and it turns out that Ranger’s favours always come with a price.

Mistake 3 – Going completely nutso while doing the favour for Ranger and trying to apply bodily injury to Dickie in front of the entire office. Now Dickie has disappeared and Stephanie is the natural suspect in his disappearance. Is Dickie dead? Can he be found? And can she say one step ahead in this new dangerous game? Joe Morelli, the hottest cop in Trenton, NJ is also keeping Stephanie on her toes – and he may know more about her than he lets on....

This is my 2nd Stephanie Plum adventure. Having enjoyed Ten Big Ones, I thought another adventure with Stephanie would be fun and fun it was.

Stephanie is really an interesting character. On one hand she tough but on the other hand, she’s quite soft and she just takes everything that comes her way in stride. However, she’s really lucky that she has Ranger on one side of her (who has the resources to watch out for her - literally) and Joe Morelli on the other side. I don’t know long this scenario would last but while she’s Joe’s girlfriend, she seems to have some chemistry with Ranger.

I love her family too. :) Grandma is another interesting character and in this book she’s having fun helping Stephanie with her bounty hunting job and also going out on dates! We must not forget Lula, the filing clerk in the firm where Stephanie works who is now dating Tank, Ranger’s right hand man. When did that happen?

I have no idea what the title means.  Published in year 2007, fans would certainly enjoy this book but hurry up in catching up as Stephanie is on her 17th adventure now.

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