Saturday, May 28, 2011

My purchases from Popular Warehouse Sales

If you are in Kuching and you love to read, chances are you might already have been to the Popular Warehouse Sales held on the 5th Floor of Permata Carpark. The sales started on Friday, 27 May which is the start of the school holidays and will run until Sunday, 5 June.  So, what did you get?

I went on the evening of the 1st day (flu and all) and these are what I got :

1. A boxset collection of 3 books written by Madonna! They are in hardcover and with very pretty illustrations.  I'll share more with you next time.  It's for RM10 only!

2. 3 paperbacks written by Jacqueline Wilson at RM3 each only.  There are for teens and I have an up-and-coming teen at home right now.  She is still in her princess' and fairy books and Geromino Stiltone stage but I know it won't be long before she moves on.

3.  When The Boys are Away and Take a Chance (2 books in 1) by Sarah Webb. Never read Sarah Webb but hey, 70% mark down?  I only pay RM6 for this.

4.  Three Girls and their Brothers by Theresa Rebeck in trade paperback. Never heard of this author but do you know that this is only for RM1.  Yup....One only! No typo there.

5. Last but not least, The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner.  I didn't had a good experience with an earlier book by Jennifer Weiner but at RM5, I'll take a chance.  And I check - no Kate Klein.

That's all.  A total haul of RM31 (US$10?).  Is that a steal or what?

Tralalalalala......... *that's me singing a happy tune* :)

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