Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Favourite Epic Adventure : River God by Wilbur Smith

While this is my favourite novel of all times, The Egyptian Series which started with River God is my favourite epic adventure ever. It triggered my interest in ancient Egypt and encouraged me to read up books such as this.

I started reading River God quite a long time ago (I can’t even remember when) and until today, I would be happy to curl up on my reading sofa anytime with River God for company. There are four titles in this series starting with River God, The Seventh Scroll, Warlock and The Quest. I have read all the titles except for Warlock.

Among these, River God is my absolute favourite. It captivated my imagination of ancient Egypt and is the start of the amazing epic adventure of Taita, a royal slave, one of the most amazing fiction characters of all times. Try to read from River God and follow the sequence above. You will then appreciate how the plot and storyline is being developed.

River God set the pace and the tone of the whole adventure. Not only it is an epic of the grandour and subsequently the fall of Pharaoh, it also introduces the tragic story behind Taita. The Seventh Scroll is a bit different as it from the perspective of the modern world and the world of archaeologist in discovering the wonders that Taita has created and the treasures that he had siphoned away in the tombs of his beloved Queen Lostris and the traps that he set to prevent tombs' thieves from raiding the tombs.

The Quest wasn’t as good as River God but still able to capture the essence of adventure and romances of the ancient time. In The Quest, Egypt is struck by a series of terrible plagues that cripple the kingdom with disasters to follow. In desperation, the Pharaoh (grandson of Queen Lostris) sends for Taita (who has since retired from active service...haha) to go on a quest to discover the cause of all their woes. I notice that the plagues mentioned here is very much similar to the 12 plagues mentioned in the bible. No doubt that’s where the author drew inspiration from but other than that, the similarity ends.

I am actually surprised that this was never adapted for a high budget movie. Somehow, I think it would make such a great epic movie with the splendour of ancient Egypt coming alive and Taita...I don’t know who would be able to play such an amazing character. It would have to be one amazing actor worthy to step into such shoe. 

Who do you think can play a Taita?

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