Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Holiday - Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury

Everyone in the royal family has been real busy these couple of weeks. A break is very much needed for everyone to come together and just be with each other.  Since Easter holidays is this weekend, I have decided to check the whole family into a hotel in the city to chill and relax without much distraction.  Why the city? A family member has not been well and is not able to travel far.  At least we dont waste travel time. Just drive into the city and park ourselves there for the whole weekend. I come!

I am looking forward to an opportunity to start a new book too and while packing for this weekend, I've decided to pack with me the 1st book of the Sunrise Series by Karen Kingsbury entitled Sunrise.  It's a Baxter Family Drama Series continue from Firstborn Series.  The minute I saw this book in my shelf, I knew it was the right book for this weekend. Sunrise...the promises of something new and fresh. Most appropriate. Just what we need.

Happy Easter weekend, everyone :)  God Bless.

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