Monday, November 2, 2015

Through The Looking Glass

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I was browsing through my old post a while ago and was just marveling that I managed to keep up with this blog for quite a number of years  One of the purpose I started this blog was because I wasn’t able to properly keep track of what I have read.  There were many instances when I have double titles in my collections all because I forgot that I have that particular book already and bought another one.  While that still happens, it is happening much, much infrequent.  There were also instances when I started a book only to realize that I have read it in previous occasions.  What that happened, I would end up being extremely annoyed with myself for the time and sometimes resources wasted.  This blog has helped me in keeping track of all these especially from the INDEX page, I was able to see at a glance where I am at particular with series.

Like my subtitle says, I also love to talk about what I read except I can’t really talk to family and friends  about it as not everyone in the family nor my friends share the same hobby and I can’t very well discuss a book each time I meet up with friends who enjoy reading nor do I want to spoil it for others with ‘spoilers alert’ which might happen in a discussion.  Such, this platform serves me extremely well too in this aspect as it allows me express my opinions over the books that I read without any prejudice.
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During one of the years, I did a lot of committed posts which I committed to publishers who sent me ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of new titles, either physical book or e-book.   I have stopped taking part in such activities as I find that it can be quite a tiring experience and I wasn’t able to really enjoy reading title that I truly like and the whole process became quite a chore and pretty pressuring after a while in trying to observe the deadline in finishing a book and posting up the review.  I won’t mind picking it up again in the future if I have the time to do so but for now, I am just grateful for that experience.

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 Another extension of my love for reading would be my flea market sales.  I have been doing this a few times a year, time permitting for the past couple of years.  This year I think I took part in about six flea markets which usually run over the weekend.   As I am sure you will agree with me, there are books that you keep as collections and there are books that you are quite happy to let go off after reading them.  The opportunity to be able to sell my books to other readers out there is quite encouraging.   Not only I can manage my collection more wisely, the income from the sales  contributes back to purchase of new titles which otherwise, can be quite limited as books are not cheap!

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It is also a lot of fun to recommend titles to people I would meet during the flea market.  There are those who knows very well what they like and don’t like but there are also some who are open to new titles and authors and welcome recommendation which I enjoy doing.  It is quite joyful too when I met someone who like a particular author that I do too or a particular series and we would have a quick animated chat over it.  I remember feeling worried that there might not be many readers out there who would like this series and I have two books from this series to let go off.  Imagine my surprise when a lady says she loves the No. 1 Ladies Detective Series (which I do too, which you know!) and it was so easy to recommend these two books to her as they are from the same author and thus she is so open to trying them out.

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