Saturday, November 7, 2015

Alaska Twilight by Colleen Coble

Synopsis :

Haley Walsh has returned to remote Alaska to come to terms with her past. Twenty years ago a tragedy occurred, and Haley has been living with her grandmother in Phoenix ever since. Haley's parents stayed behind to work on an archeological dig, and with their recent deaths, Haley has decided to face her troubles head-on. She joins Kipp Nowak, a television wildlife star, and his crew, who are making a documentary about bears. Their group is also accompanied by Tank Lassiter, a biologist who is less than thrilled with Kipp's easygoing approach to the dangerous bears.

As Haley begins to delve into the circumstances surrounding her parents' deaths, she uncovers evidence that the fire that killed them might not have been an accident. Tank, although fighting a battle of his own to retain custody of his daughter after his wife's suspicious death, joins forces with her to uncover an evil force at work in the Alaskan wilderness.

It is very relaxing to read Alaska Twilight.  The story started off with a suspense but the suspense disperse quite early in the story and never really picks up but it was a pretty even momentum throughout the book right until the end.

There are moments of comical humour and sadness here and there but not too much to drag the story down.  There is a rather unexpected twist to the story at the end and I can't say I like the twist but it certainly was unexpected.

Overall, I enjoy the book.

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