Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Read

We will be off in a week or so for a family holiday.  After our holiday in the Land of The Rising Sun last year, we decided to go local this year and to coincide our holidays with a convention that we are attending.

As I do my packing for the clothes and other stuff for the trip, I pack also for what I am going to read on the trip.

I have not decided yet and most probably will wait till the last minute to decide. For now, it's a choice between I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella or Breaking the Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  Whichever title I decide on, it would be something that I have to stick with for about two weeks as I only want to bring along one title.

I am extremely keen on I've Got Your Number but I am not sure if it'll last two weeks as I ran read Sophie Kinsella's title quite fast

Breaking the Rules might last me two weeks but what if I am tired of it after a while as I didn't have good experience with what Barbara has to offer from the last few books that I read.



  1. Happy holiday and enjoy your reading.

  2. I've got your number is my most favourite stand alone book from Sophie Kinsella.

    1. Mine is Undomesticated Goddess. I tot it's such a fun book! :)