Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 2015 Flea Market Preview

For many reasons, I missed the flea markets for the months of August and September.  I actually booked and paid for my booth but I have to give it a miss and while I was bumped about that, it was unavoidable.

I also didn't get to read much these two months comparatively due to a lot of happenings in the family but it was decent enough to keep me happy and sane.  There wasn't any exceptionally fabulous read but still I enjoy what I went through.

The unexpected sale that I had in August certainly added an 'umph' to the whole scheme of things and I am still feeling happy to have cleared off quite a fair bit of my collection.  In relation to that, I am happy to share of my upcoming flea market happening this weekend from 31 Oct - 1 Nov in Green Heights Mall.

The market will most probably be the last flea market I will be taking part in for the rest of the year as I foresee a rather busy year end coming right up with personal activities and also work related matters.  There is also a possibility that I might be starting a new project that if I start, will take about two years of most of my free time and my opportunity to participate in such sales will be minimised not to say, opportunity to read will be much lessen as well.  However, that is yet to be confirmed so enough said.

Anyway, here's a peek on what you can expect from my upcoming flea market :

I just read and reviewed these titles.  From left is American Wife by Cutis Sittenfeld.  Next is The Miracle at Speedy Motors by Alexander McCall Smith and Ellie Andrews has Second Thought by Ruth Saberton.

A creepy book or two like The Hungry Ghosts by Anne Berry would be quite appropriate at this time of year although to be very honest, this would be more suitable for the Chinese Hungry Ghosts month.

It is also my intention to bring the autobiography of Nicole Kidman by James L. Dickerson. So far, I don't really have a lot of autobiography and this happens to be one that I have.  I shall have a Leap of Faith that it will sell well and that also happens to be a title by Danielle Steel which I am not so keen nowadays,

And if I brought along the earlier title by Alexander McCall Smith, I must also bring along  the eight book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Series which is The Good Husband of Zebra Drive which I reviewed here.  I might as well also sell off The House At Harcourt which I reviewed here.

There will be a few more which I will unearth over the next couple of nights so if you wish to know what I will be letting go off, see you this Saturday and Sunday in Green Heights Mall. :)

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