Monday, December 22, 2014

Live Wire by Harlan Coben

Synopsis :

A beautiful woman walking into Myron Bolitar's office asking for help should have been a dream come true.  Only this woman, Suzze T, is in tears - and eight months pregnant...

Suze's rock-star husband has disappeared, and she fears the rumors questioning her baby's paternity have driven him away.  For Myron, questions of fatherhood couldn't hit closer to home.  His own father is clinging precariously to life, and the brother who abandoned the family years ago has resurfaced - with danger following close behind.  Myron is soon forced to confront deep secrets in Suzze's past, his family's mortality - and his own....

Since I enjoyed reading my first book by Harlan Coben a few months back, I was quite excited to try out Live Wire recently.  I can't remember exactly where or when did I get this copy from but it has been with me since last year so it could have been part of my windfall or perhaps I bought it from one of the book sales I went to last year.

With that expectation, I thought quite highly of Live Wire.  While it didn't really deliver on that expectation, it was rather good as it's very different from the first book that I read.  Myron is actually an agent and Suzze is his client so it wasn't like he's an investigator or anything but for all that he does, he could have been.

It wasn't long before Myron gets caught up in the investigation and are forced to deal with some personal issues especially from people from his past and before you know it , there are no boundaries between past and presence.  The boundaries between what's real and what's fiction in the lives of these characters were rather blur too.

So, do I like it...ya, I quite. It wasn't too bad but no, it would not be a book that I would want to read again but trying out Harlan's book in the future is something that I would do.

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