Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'Durian Runtuh 'aka Windfall

No, the title post is not a title of a book.  There might be a book with that title? Me not sure.  However, in this context, it actually means a windfall that I experienced recently.  Something unexpected and something welcomed.

A family friend who's migrating back to her home country gave us her family's collection of novels!  When I received the call to ask if I would be interested to inherit the collection, there are no words to describe how I was feeling.  I couldn't wait to say yes!

All in all there are three boxes with more to come. I haven't really have a chance to sort through but I do see lots of titles that I was familiar with and would love to read.  There are other titles that I wasn't so familiar with which I don't mind exploring.

There are some books for the princess too with a couple of Enid Blyton and a few titles by Jean Ure and also Roald Dahl.  There are some recipe books that I will give to my mum to look through first.  There's also a boxset of Narnia which is such a gem to me.  There's the whole set of Twilight Series too but I already have 3 of the books so one of them would join my own collection.

There's also lots of fantasy books by author such as Terry Brooks, Paulo Coelho and Jan Guillou which is not something that I read.

I haven't count them but I would say there are round about 100 books in all....omg...I am hyperventilating!!

I can't wait to get started.  Thank you so much, S and R and to your kids too.  All the best and good luck to your family.

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