Saturday, March 22, 2014

Icebound by Dean Koontz

Synopsis :

The arctic night is endless. 
The fear is numbing.
Screams freeze in the throat.
Death arrives in shades of white.
Cold-blooded murder seems right at home.

The chill of the grave.

That doesn't give you much right? other than it's quite poetic in a rather morbid way.  This book is written by Dean Koontz in the 90s.  Which makes it the era when I read a lot of titles by Dean Koontz and I liked what I read then.

You might have read my past reviews like here and here and not forgetting here when I shared my frustration in my attempt to discover the Dean Koontz of old. Titles such as The Servant of  Twilight, The Mask, Twilight Eyes are really classic.

Icebound is different and I am glad to say that it's different in a good way.  It is not classic Dean Koontz but it is much better than some of the newer titles that I wrote above.

Icebound is about a group of scientists trapped in a mobile block of ice in the arctic which is due to explode in less than twenty four hours. With a storm coming they have no way to leave the place as rescue ships and planes have to turn back due to the storm.

Enters a Russian submarine which is in the vicinity with a captain who just lost his beloved son to illness and felt he let his son down as he wasn't there and who is determined to rescue this group of scientists as he wasn't able to do so for his son.

But there is a killer among this group of scientists.  Who is the killer?  I tried to guess. I wasn't successful.  Such, the book is a success in my opinion.

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