Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Sales Is Here Again!

Green Heights Mall, one of my favourite neighbourhood mall is having it's flea market again this weekend. 

I am extremely excited as I have signed up to take part again. The last time I took part was last year in September and October if I'm not mistaken.  After that, there's a few other giant book sales in Kuching and I turned buyer instead. 

Among others, these would be what I will be selling this time round.

River God by Wilbur Smith is one of my all time favourite epic adventure as I shared here.  I read the story many many times when I have limited books to read once upon a time.  I have an extra copy of River God. I'm putting it up for sales at the forthcoming flea market.

The General's Daughter is one of the great thriller by Nelson DeMille.  This is a hardcover copy. I am suddenly not sure if I want to let it go as I have not review it yet.

I love Beach Road by James Patterson. I'll complete the review it here once of these days. The post is still in draft format.  You would probably read this book in one seating so if you have it, choose a day when you have nothing to do and make sure you have enough munchies and then you can start your reading marathon.

I am in my James Patterson mood.  Big Bad Wolf is another classing from James Patterson.  I double bought this book recently *face palm*  I know I am hopeless.  So, hopefully I'll meet some fans of James Patterson this weekend.

Other than these, I will also be selling Icebound by Dean Koontz, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, The Summons by John Grisham. Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich and many others. 

This Saturday happens to be Earth Hour too.  Nothing is move friendly to mother earth than to share resources and that's what I'm doing.  So, do head over to Green Heights Mall to pick up a book or two.


  1. Wish I am in Kuching now. :)

    1. Hi Rose. the next time you're in Kuching, I'll organise a private viewing for you :) How's that? :)