Monday, January 17, 2011

The Key To Midnight by Dean Koontz

Synopsis :

Alex Hunter hasn’t come to Japan to fall in love. But Joanna Rand is the most beautiful, exciting woman he has ever met. But Joanne is not who she thinks she is. 10 years before, and halfway across the world, a brutally bizarre experiment recreated her mind. A violation so hideous that her dreams are filled with terror and her memories are a lie.

If they are ever to be free, Alex and Joanne have to reopen the dangerous door into the nightmare past. Somehow they have to find the key to midnight.

I love books by Dean Koontz. He's such a great storyteller and I used to read a lot of  what he wrote. That is books that I can associate Dean Koontz with...mysterious unexplained thriller with lots of elements of terror and suspense. I remember fondly weekend marathon reading during college time and I would complete one book in one or two days, reading them from morning till night and feeling exhausted but much thrilled at the same time. I can still remember titles such as Servant of Twilight, The Mask, Eyes of Darkness among some of his books that really captivated my attention. That was many years ago.

I picked up The Key To Midnight about a year ago. There are hints and shadows of Dean’s style in The Key To Midnight but there’s a lot of difference too. Reading it is like reading a James Bond thriller but without the poise and sophistication of a real classic ‘action’ thriller and although there are some twist and turn in the storyline which added some much needed ‘omph’ to the story. Dean did explain at the end that The Key To Midnight is meant to be different from his other ‘babies’. I guess that’s my diplomatic way of saying I didn’t really like this book.


  1. Forget Koontz and forget his book “What the Night Knows” (a ghost vengeance story, been there, done that), instead read a book that’s been BANNED like “America Deceived II” by E.A. Blayre III.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  2. This is one of the first books I ever read of Dean Kootz's it was very good I could'nt put it down. I left it when I went to visit my Dad, so I had to go buy it again so I could finish it. It was great kept you on the edge of your seat.