Monday, September 16, 2013

A Successful Sales - July 2013

Similar event but different timeline

I just realised that I forgot to blog about a weekend flea market that I took part in few months back. recently.  This happened in early July and over a weekend in Green Heights Mall, a rather small but compact suburban mall about 15 minutes from the city.

Well, you might or you might not have read there about my previous experience prior to this that I had in a past event organised by the same mall.  Anyway, I was rather concerned that the response would be similar but one consolation that motivated me along was that the flea market would be held on the ground floor instead of the first floor of the mall this time round.

With a much longer operating hour as well, the weekend market also featured a more diverse vendors this time round with vendors from online boutiques, collectors and generally a group of people having fun sharing with the public their hobbies and interest and making some bucks at the same time :).  I really had a fun time even as a vendor.

Each vendor was given 2 tables to display your ware.  It's good enough for me to display the novels for sale as well some kiddies book that the princess was rather keen to sell as she has stopped reading them already.

First to go was Night Fall, a wonderful thriller by Nelson Demillle.  Correction, the first to go was actually Lipstick Jungle by Candace Brushnell.  It's actually a brand new copy that I have not read as I have 2 copies of the same title (bought by mistaken).  So, for RM7 (about US2), it was really worth it.  I really hope Nurul enjoys the book :)

Both Life Swap and The Other Woman by Jane Green went to the same buyer. She must be a real fan of Jane's.

The Divide also found a new owner.  I sold this book based on the fact that the author, Nicholas Evans also wrote the Award Winning Horse Whisperer and really, it is a very good read.   I said good bye to A Place of Hiding and Twilight Children to two British elderly couple.  The husband seems to be rather familiar with Elizabeth George and I kinda thought the wife would like what Torey Hayden writes.  I certainly wont recommend The Gatecrasher to her which was bought by a teen who seems to know what she wants.   I didn't really like this book and it's practically brand new so it's really a good buy.

Come day two, buyers seems to be more keen on thrillers so I sold Sleepy Head by Mark Billingham, Saving Faith by David Baldacci among others.

It is indeed a much better flea market experience and I would go as far to say that it's the best so far.  I think the mall management took the right action by placing the market on the ground floor of the mall which have higher traffic.

I really enjoyed finding new homes for my books and I look forward to the next sales.

p.s. For those from my home country - I am looking into buying books from others to supplement my stock.  if you would like to sell me your books, please let me have your name and email in the comments below and I'll get in touch with you.   Thank you.

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