Friday, December 14, 2012

The Other Woman by Jane Green

Synopsis :

When Ellie Black meets Dan Cooper, she feels as though she's found her best friend and soul mate. After an idyllic courtship, Dan proposes and Ellie happily accepts. She loves everything about Dan, even his family: his sister, Emma, has become her good friend, and his mother, Linda, might end up being the mother Ellie never had when she was growing up. 

Ellie's own family was far from ideal--her alcoholic mother died when she was 13, and Ellie and her father withdrew from each other almost completely. She hopes Dan's family will become her own, that is, until she gets to know Linda and realizes how controlling and manipulative she can be. Ellie's resentment toward Linda grows after she gets pregnant and gives birth to Tom. When an accident puts Tom's life at risk, Ellie's bottled-up emotions spill over and threaten not just her relationship with her mother-in-law but her marriage itself. 

Green, best-selling author of Jemima J (2000) and To Have and to Hold[BKL Mr 1 04], is particularly adept at producing engaging women's fiction, and her latest is a prime example--warm, convincing, and eminently readable. Although at times Ellie's venomous anger toward her mother-in-law grates, overall, she is a sympathetic heroine

I took the synopsis from Goodreads as I didn't like the one at the back cover of the book.  This is a more accurate representation of what the story is about.

I have Airasia to thank for as I managed to finish this book in one day.  I was 'trapped' in the aircrafts for 6 hours during what was supposed to be a 2 hours flight.  With a full aircraft with annoyed adults and restless children who kept crying and one kid who kept kicking my seat from the back to my stiff leg from sitting too long, the only thing to do is to dive in the book.  I did just that.

This is not my first time reading this book.  I read it years ago but I think I appreciate the story better this time round.  I was a bit impatient with Ellie the first time but I quite understand her better this time round.   I also felt that Dan is rather a wimp and should have stood up for his wife but at the same time I do sympathize with him for being caught between two important women in his life.

Highly recommended to all wives. Highly recommended to all mother in laws. Highly recommended to all husbands too.

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