Saturday, September 21, 2013

Voice Of The Heart by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Synopsis :

Youth taught them how to love. Betrayal taught them how to forgive.

Katherine Tempest, world-famous actress and star - a dark haried beauty with a volcanic temperament.

Francesca Cunningham, blonde, cool, distance - the aristocratic writer of bestselling historical romances.

Yet, their loves were inextricably intertwined over two decades and more.  Voice of the Heart is the spellbinding story of two unique and brilliant woman - and the charismatic men whom they loved and lost, and to whom they ransomed their hearts.

I first read this books many, many years ago.  At one time, I was rather hooked on the A Woman Of Substance Series of which Barbara Taylor Bradford is known for.  To be honest, I only read the first 3 books of the series and post the 90s, I was quite tired of Barbara's heroines.  I must have read Voice of The Heart sometimes in the 90s as well.  I can't really remember as Katherine Tempest somehow wasn't as captivating as Emma Harte.  As for Francesca Cunningham, I can't even place her at all.

Classified as a romance novel, the book is 900 pages long. That itself might deter some from even starting the book.  I must admit that I was quite reluctant to start it.  Having started it and not being one to leave a book read halfway through, I have no choice but to complete it.  There's no regrets.  I quite like the ending although I find it rather cheesy.

Reading Voice of The Heart is a bit like watching a mini series.  There's so many characters in involved and so many sub-plots and if it is rather easy to be confused as well.  It can get rather draggy at times and certain discussions between characters can just go on and one.

If you find the book rather draggy, persevere on, it's actually quite nice if you are keen on romance. It's somehow quite captivating.  Spanning over 20 years, readers will follow the story and the secret behind the lives of these characters that started in the glamorous 50s and ended in the 70s. 

There is actually a made for TV show based on this book which stars Lindsay Wagner and James Brolin.  I am not sure if it's any good as I have not seen it and I have no idea how close the movie follows the plot in the actual story.  You can check it out if you're interested but if I were you, I'll just go for the book.

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