Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Place Of Hiding by Elizabeth George

A Place Of Hiding is a thriller that I bought during a warehouse sales. The front cover of a misty graveyard  in this particular publication intrigued me. Here, see for yourself.

Browsing through, I noticed that the author had penned quite a number of thriller. Ok, that gives me some form of assurance to check out this book and see if I have a new gem of an author on hand. (Note : warehouse sales are good for trying out new authors as you don’t burn your pocket much over it. That’s where I found authors such as Marian Keys and Mark Gimenez.)

Here’s the synopsis :

The sudden death of Guy Brouard, a generous patron and benefactor of Guernsey Island after his morning swim shocks the residents of the island. When a young American woman is charged with his murder, her brother seeks help from an old friend, Deborah St James. Deborah persuades her husband, Simon to accompany her to Guernsey to investigate. What they find on that beautiful island is a tangled web of deceit and betrayal. Deborah and Simon must rely on their long-standing friendship with Inspector Thomas Lynley in solving the crime.

There, not a very exciting synopsis, isn’t it. Likewise, Elizabeth George, while being not bad, wasn’t really the diamond that I was looking for. The thriller was good but wasn’t really that thrilling, the plot was interesting and quite original but the presentation wasn’t really that captivating. The suspense just was not there.

There were too many characters and suspects, too many motives and possibilities and while you might say that makes a good thriller, but, it gets too complicated and drags on and fails to captivate my full attention. However, having said that Elizabeth is a consistent storyteller and the consistency of the story and it’s originality pulls through and I ended the book with some form of satisfaction.

I would recommend this book if you are interested in war history as well as trying to guess who the murderer is. This title was published in 2003. Elizabeth George’s latest thriller featuring Inspector Thomas Lynley is entitled This Body of Death, published in April 2010. I won’t mind checking it out if I have a chance.

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