Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sushi For Beginners by Marian Keyes

When I first saw Sushi for Beginners years ago in a warehouse sales, I thought it was a beginners guide to all things sushi.  Yes! I actually did.  That was before I knew of Marian Keyes and that was before I read my first Marian Keyes book, Last Chance Saloon.

Sushi for Beginners is set in the world of magazine publication.  Lisa Edwards, the tough editor of Femme magazine and who's based in London suddenly found herself moving to Dublin after being assigned to start a new magazine in Ireland.  Shock and horror are too gentle to describe how she's feeling.  But being the tough cookie that she is, she vows to bring this new magazine to a great launch.  It does help that Jack Devine, the Managing Director has caught her attention.  The only thing to do is to make sure he falls for her instead of his exotic Asian girlfriend, Mai.  But then, someone from the past came looking for her in Dublin.

Ashling Kennedy, the newly recruited deputy editor of the new magazine is being nicknamed 'Ms Fix It' by Jack Devine.  That is because Ashling goes around with a handbag that has almost everything inside from band-aid to cigarettes or hairsprays, etc.  Ashling grew up with a mother who went though years of depression and has to be mum to her younger siblings.  The last thing she wanted was to go through depression herself but then something happen that brought her to rock bottom.

Clodagh who is Ashling childhood friend is extremely beautiful and married with two young kids.  Clodagh is very dissatisfied with her life and having just stay at home taking care of her kids.  She wanted to do something different but ended up doing something really stupid.

This is the third time I read Sushi for Beginners.  You will really enjoy this book if you have read books by Marian Keyes.  It's not as heavy contents wise as some of her other books like This Charming Man but it does deal a bit with the issue of depression.

How in the world would sushi ended up in a story set in Ireland, you might ask. Well, you will have to read it to find out. 

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  1. I have not read this author before. Was not sure whether it suits me or not. But seeing your review...hmm..think its not bad la.