Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gone by Jonathan Kellerman

Synopsis :

Los Angeles is full of performers. But for psychologist Alex Delaware, spotting what's real and what's not is a matter of life and death.

Called in to evaluate an aspiring actress accused of staging her own abduction, Alex finds nother too unusual - until the girl is savagely murdered.  To complicate matters, Dylan Meserve, the victim's boyfriend and fellow accused, has disappeared.

Is Dylan a calculating killer or another victim? Alex and homicide detective Milo Sturgis are on the hunt for suspects.  Meanwhile, the killer's trawling the seedy underbelly of Hollywood on a very different mission.

I have never hear of Jonathan Kellerman prior to this book although his other titles seems to date from the 80s right up to year 2007.  Gone is published in year 2006 so it's fairly new.  If not mistaken, I bought this book from a warehouse sales couple of years back and it was only recently that I started with it.

It's a fairly okey book. Wasn't really as thrilling as I would have like to be but wasn't as boring as it could be too.   The book started off quite promisingly with great potential, halfway through it got slightly flat but then it picked up it's pace toward the end.  With a psychologist being the main character in this thriller, I guess it could not be help that the killer is a psychopath. 

Enjoy it if you happen to have a copy with you but it's not a book that I would recommend you search high and low for in the stores.

I read this during a couple of my flights so it really can be termed 'airport book'. :)

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