Thursday, September 6, 2012

Double Exposure by Carol Smith

Synopsis :

Newly qualified doctor Joanna Lyndhurst needs a break, so she escapes to a Caribbean island.   There she meets an enchanting and diverse bunch of characters, destined to become lasting friends.

There's Lowell, an American lawyer, and Vincent, an art dealer from Amsterdam, who travel together but lead separate lives; feisty New York banking executive Merrily Morgenstern, who is tough, ambitious and looking for romance;  arts dealer Jessica, mourning a lost love and dreaming of her big break; and Cora Louise and Fontaine, mother and daughter from the steamy South, with their own murky secret.

The holiday becomes an annual tradition as close friendships develop, yet the Caribbean sunshine hides a dark secret - someone is on the trail of a killer.

This is my first time reading this author.  Have not heard about her at all prior to this even though she seems to have about nine book under her name.

Anyway, Double Exposure wasn't such a bad read after all.  It has this gradual built in terms of suspense but half the time I do wonder where she's going with all her many different characters.  The story is more about all the other characters other than just Joanne Lyndhurst.  It's a bit about everyone here and there with no actual point of focus.   With that many characters to work on, there wasn't really enough space for the author to to grow them and to allow them to form more depth.  Such, everyone was rather one dimensional.

Double Exposure is not that bad if you have nothing else to read but if you do, then keep it for when you don't.

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