Thursday, April 19, 2012

Twilight's Last Gleaming by Robert Jeffress

Synopsis :

As the sun sets on a once-great nation, American Christians face a vital question : What Now?

It's evening in America. The remarkable society whose light once shone as a beacon t the world is dimming.  This is the sobering assessment of Robert Jeffress in Twilight's Last Gleaming, yet he brings that diagnosis a remarkably redemptive and hope-filled prescription for American believers.

It's  timely message. Rarely in U.S. history have Christians been more discouraged and fearful about our country's future. Now Dr Jefress points a way out of this malaise, calling believers to action - not to restore empire's glory, but to make an eternal impact on millions of eternal souls.

With a forward by Governor Mike Huckabee, here is a bold road map to guide your attitudes and action in these volatile last days.

This is a rather difficult book to read and to review.  First of all, I am not from the United States.  Such, I am not able to fully identify with everything that the author raised but I can follow his train of thoughts and concerns that he has.

There are 7 chapters in the book. They are :

1. The Beginning of the End
2. When a Nation Implodes
3. The Most Misunderstood Word in America
4. How a Christian Should Voe
5. For Pastors Only
6. When Persecution Comes
7. Last-Days Living

Dr Jeffress did raise some good points in all his chapters although he seems rather hash in some of his opinions.  He is very assertive in his view on what he think is right and what he think is wrong.  He might offend some people with such views but taking it positively, it is really an eye-opener as he dares to write about what I feel most people might be thinking and feeling but not having the courage to openly talk about it.

My favourite chapters are For Pastors Only and Last-Days Living for the challenges that he put forth for Christians.  It is my personal opinion that the book is extremely thought provoking and provoked positively, can raise someone out of slumber. Provoked wrongly, might cause some to stumble.  It's a very fine thin line that those who read it have to draw for themselves.

This hardcover copy is published by Worthy Publishing.  Thank you B&B Media for this review copy.

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