Monday, April 16, 2012

Girl In The Mirror by Cecilia Ahern

Two powerful and unforgettable stories from the Number One bestselling author

Girl in the Mirror
Lila knows how lucky she is to have found the man of her dreams. But when a secret from her family's past comes to light on her wedding day, her destiny changes in the most unexpected of ways…

The Memory Maker
They say you never forget your first love. But what happens when those cherished memories start to fade? Some people would do anything to hold on to the past and, for one heartbroken man, that means finding a way to relive those precious moments

Girl In The Mirror is a collection of two mini novels by Cecilia Ahern.  I have always admire Cecilia's imagination and I think she is letting her imagination run wild in these two stories.  I also felt that these two stories are probably close to her heart and she's publishing them more for self indulgence rather than for commercial value. 

I really enjoyed both stories but my favourite is Girl In The Mirror. While the late Michael Jackson sang about The Man In The Mirror, he was referring to one self.  On the other hand, when Cecilia wrote about Girl In  The Mirror, she certainly wasn't on the same page with Michael.  It's rather creepy and sad but rather fascinating at the same time. I was wondering if Cecilia could have developed the storyline further?

The Memory Maker was just okay for me although again, imaginative of Cecilia.  I wonder what other gems she is still keeping to herself :) that she hasn't shared with us.


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  1. I think that if Cecelia focused her efforts on the first short story and extended it into a full blown book, she would've done a much better job at it.