Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hide and Seek by James Patterson

Synopsis :

Maggie Bradford is on trial for murder – in a celebrity trial of the decade. As one of the world’s best-loved singer-songwriters, she seems to have it all. So how could she have murdered not just one, but two of her husbands?

Will Shepherd was Maggie’s second husband. A magnificent athlete and film star, he was just as famous. But Will had dark, dangerous secrets that none of his fans could have imagined and that his won wife could never have dreamed of.

That sounds like a good read especially when you’re on holiday and won’t want to read anything too heavy.  Something to relax by after a day of shopping or after a day by the beach.  It also works well when you’re in the airport in between flights. The writing is fast paced. A chapter is only about 2 – 3 pages and you’ll be tempted to move on to the next chapter after completing one. Before you know it, you’re reached the last chapter. I read mine within 2 days while on work travel.

While it's a good read, to me, Hide and Seek follows what a call a 'foolproof' template or formula of :

        Main character + a mysterious past + murder + twist in story = bestseller.

Replace the main character and the mysterious past, etc, you will get another bestseller on your hand :)

Hide and Seek was first published in 1996. I got my copy last year in a 2nd hand bookshop last year.

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