Thursday, November 18, 2010

Featured Author - Danielle Steel

Which among you ladies (and men) have not heard of Danielle Steel? She’s one of the best known author in the world for the past 30 or more years and has more than 70 bestsellers under her belt. Even if you have not read any of her titles, a few of her books have been adapted into television series and you might have seen it one time or another. I started reading Danielle Steel in my late teens and until now I still do enjoy her books once in a while. Not too often but once in a while. I’ll explain why.

I have always preferred her over other authors who churned out romances like a factory. Danielle is so talented to spin such a tale that you felt you are on a journey with the character, across time and space. To me it’s always an experience to read her tales based on historical theme. My all time favourites are Zoya, the tale of a Russian princess and The Ring about a ring that belongs to a Jewish family during the holocaust. Crossings, Jewels all set around WW2, Message from Nam, set during the Vietnam war are fondly remembered. However, I didn’t like it so much when it comes to tales based on modern world. For some reason, I just don’t dig them. I still remember book such as 5 Days in Paris and also The Klone & I which I didn’t like at all. But I do like The Ghost. I remember bringing it with me to my honeymoon! I still have it and might re-read it again one of these days.

I stopped reading Danielle Steel about 8 years ago. There are just so many new authors to discover and I do need a break from her. While I love her writing, there’s a certain formula to her style. The heroine is always beautiful and desirable and also rich or they will be rich then along the story became poor and then rich again or they started off poor and then become mega rich and successful. I’ll stop right here but I’m sure you do get the picture. There’s an element of ‘woman power’. Then, the men...they would always be either real rich or stinky poor but will always the handsome and dashing and the perfect gentleman and extremely honourable and such and we all know that such men only exist among the pages of her tales. Slightly like what M&B has to offer but Danielle offers nothing sleezy and she describes a roll-in-bed like the perfect lady that she is. Also, her heroine’s characters are better developed and more refined. Danielle does bring to life what she spins.

After the break of so many years, I bought 2 of her books recent from here. I thought I might rediscover Danielle once again and see if what she has to offer once again, appeal to me. I bought Echoes and Irresistible Forces. I’ll share my thoughts on Echoes at the next post so do stay tuned!

A mother of 9 kids, Danielle lost one of her son, Nick who committed suicide and died when he was 19. Danielle wrote a memoir about him in His Bright Light. For more information on this talented author, you may visit her at She blogs too at

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