Monday, November 8, 2010

False Impression by Jeffery Archer

You can see how torn and tattered the book is. That’s how it looked when I bought it in a 2nd hand shop a few years back. Cost me only RM8 (about US$2.30). I know I can get better looking 2nd hand book for this price or cheaper but it’s the story inside that matters and not so much the cover. Since then, I have read False Impression twice.

Set against the NY Sept 11 backdrop, we have heroine Anna Petrescu who survived the attack just as he was being sacked by her boss, Bryce Fenston, a banker with questionable banking ethics. The author gave us a quick insight to those in North Tower during the attack and Anna’s one of those who made her way down just in time before the tower collapsed. The attack is not significant at all to the story but probably just the author’s way of immortalising the incident for future readers/generations

A self portrait with a bandaged ear by grandmaster Van Gough is the main character in this story. Through a set of incidents, he travelled pretty much around the world as the story brought us to these places by those who meant him well and those who wishes to possess him. Of course, however, tacky it would be, there would be the expected romance which otherwise, we might say it’s a horrible book! In this we have senior FBI agent , Jack Delaney, to thank for.

This reminds me of Sydney Sheldon‘s book like Master of the Game, etc, it’s a engrossing read - fast moving and full of suspense, hint of romance, bit of humour,etc. Jeffery Archer is a great storyteller and managed to spin a tale that keeps you wanting to turn to the next page and the next and the next..... and before you know it, you have been on an incredible ride with him. However, do be mindful that’s one of those that I considered a ‘fun brainless read’ so don’t expect any Nobel Prize material. Just enjoy the ride and be entertained. :)

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